Hi! I'm Sharmaine, a Product Designer based in Singapore 🌞🇸🇬

Currently building crypto products at Spartan Labs. My experience is in designing enterprise products, and taking products from 0 - 1.

Previous experiences

Led design for enterprise products and launched new product verticals at StashAway, a robo-advisory for wealth management. Some notable projects include:
  • launching 3 new verticals: insurance, crypto investment, and a B2B product that offers StashAway for the workplace
  • designing internal tools customer success, operation, compliance reps
  • scaling the design system and language to accommodate new product offerings
At the start of my career, I worked with several early-stage startups to launch products to market and raise capital
  • You can read my bio to learn more about each startup

About me

I enjoy working through ambiguous problem spaces, building tools that people use to get work done and get a kick out of throwing out bad ideas occasionally. I shared more about how I came into design as a career in a separate interview.

Selected works

Below are some case studies of my previous work. I’m also exploring using bento as a gallery of work i’ve shipped: